Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm Never Home These Days

I'm never home these days.  And I have loads of photos to post.

I originally thought this summer was just going to involve an intense May, but it has morphed into an intense summer.

1). Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival weekend with Heather
2). AIC Annual Meeting in New Mexico
3). a visit from Mum & Auntie Rita
4). attending a wedding in Cody (Wyoming)
5). Liang & Michael coming to Philly for a few days
6). concert, friends, and research in Ottawa (Ontario) for almost a week
7). a week in Huntsville (Alabama) teaching workshops
8). a week in Bowie (Maryland) teaching workshops
9). a week in Jackson (Mississippi) teaching workshops
10). and a college roomie reunion weekend with Liang and Big Spicy (Dara)

I'm tired.  And Cordelia Cat sulks at me whenever I return.  And I'm looking forward to returning to Ordinary Time.

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