Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buffalo Bill State Park

The day after Jen and Dan's wedding, everyone was invited to breakfast at the lodge.  Everyone.  There were about seventy-five people at the wedding, which is pretty impressive for what was essentially a destination wedding.  Of all the people I talked too, I only met two who actually lived in Wyoming.
Everyone lingered over breakfast.  Most people had plans to head into Yellowstone Park in the morning, but because of the snowstorm the East Gate of the Park hadn't yet opened.  (For anyone's reference, Yellowstone has a phone number you can call to check for road closures.)  Around 10:00 the East Gate opened, so people slowly started to trickle away from the mountains of breakfast foods.
The East Gate is the closest way into the Park from Cody, though it also includes a mountain pass that is easily snow-drifted.  The drive in is lovely though, and you pass through the Buffalo Bill State Park, which, in addition to the usual state park accouterments, includes several nice areas to pull a car over in order to safely use a photographing machine.

This is like a Chevy ad.  Or whatever kind of truck this is.

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