Saturday, July 14, 2012

Italian Market Festival

It turns out that the weekend that Mum and Auntie Rita were in town was the same weekend as the Italian Market Festival.  With a Sunday morning Parade of Saints!  What a happy coincidence.
The parade starts out like a normal parade, though with an added Flag of the Vatican.  After a happy little marching band, statues of the saints are wheeled up Ninth Street through the Market on what looked like bakery wheely-racks.  You can run up and pin a dollar to the ribbons decorating your favorite(s), and in return you get a holy card.  At moments, it seemed like Mum and Auntie Rita were determined to collect the whole set.

I think that the saints involved were actually those from the local parishes.  Apparently they used to have little children dressed up as the saints marching in front of each individual saint.  This parade only had a few, one of which was a cute little Saint Ant'ny in a big brown robe and sandals.  

Actual Mary.
Saint Anne.
Saint Joseph (was a just man).
Saint Theresa.
Saint Jude.  Always good in a pinch.
Saint Ant'ny.

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Mum said...

The Italian Market Festival was great! Delicious foods, crafts, music, & the Parade of the Saints made it a wonderful adventure!