Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Soul Stealin'

 I love taking French people to see the Amish: they are simultaneously intrigued and repulsed!  Marion had been desperate to see the Amish, or as she called them, "A-mish."  One hot July Saturday, Marion, Val, Sophie (another Frenchie, friend of Marion), and I rented a car and headed out to Lancaster County to eat some Amish delights and to do some soul stealin' with our photographing machines.
Whoopie pie.  I'd never had one of these before!  I've just moved out from under my rock, you know.  Good, but not transcendent or anything.
 There is antique shop full of crazy in Bird-in-Hand, PA.

 I really wanted this globe, as it featured the USSR, but where would it go?

 We saw so many Amish, it was out of control!  Buggies everywhere, young couples out sparking, and whatnot.

I drove by this place multiple times a year for six years, back and forth from university, and never stopped.  But now, with the Frenchies, it was time.  Please note: they give you free samples of shoo-fly-pie when you visit.
 Sophie and Marion.


DPLK said...

Love the Intercourse, PA zip-hoodie! Oh Lancaster county!

Lea said...

Next time you go to the Windmill store, please take Colin. He was a little obsessed with it a few weeks ago when we were in Lancaster.