Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Rug

Cordelia, sitting happily on her little rug about a week and a half ago.  Life seemed easy, there was a rug to lay on to get brushed, and to give her some traction when she runs around.  Until she puked all over it one day.  All over it.  So much so that I made a vague attempt to clean up, and then just rolled the sad little rug up and shoved it into the garbage.

I missed the rug just as much as Cordie.  She got kind of unkept: no brushing on the hardwoods, as she just kind of slides around on them.  So I went to Target to get a new rug.  Happy with it, I came home and put it on the floor, all, "Look Cordie!  New rug!"  And she hid from it, terrified.
 Close-up on the kitty.  Close enough to keep an eye on the rug, far enough away from it's deadly talons.
 I picked her up and put her on it multiple times, only to have her scoot off immediately.  She finally accepted it about five hours after it arrived.  Now, over a week later, she loves it.
 So cute.  


Mary Ann said...

She is such a pretty kitty and knows her own mind. Glad that she finally accepted the new rug! Looks nice on the hardwood floors.

Mum said...

Sweet Cordelia, kitty little. She is lucky to have found such a good home with you. The new rug looks good. I knew that she would warm up to it, once she found she could lay on it.