Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jello Molds

So I have a Jello cookbook and my grandma's lovely Jello molds.  I was also invited to a Labour Day picnic at Val's house.  And since "no holiday meal is complete without a shimmering Jell-O mold," I made the red, white, and blue fruit-in-suspension star.

 This was my first ever Jello mold, and I kind of screwed up the unmolding, letting things melt too much, but I popped it in the fridge and all was fine.  This is later in the evening.
 Americana.  These last photos are all creepy because I had to use the flash (which I normally avoid like the plague).
Decimated: everyone loved it.


Lea said...

I am totally afraid to ask what's in the white layer???

Mum said...

Good job with the jello mold! It looks beautiful & I bet it was delicious.
I am still getting used to your blog's new look. I like it & I think the pictures look sharper. But I'm surprised each time I go to it. I miss the old format but I will adjust. (Kind of like Cordie & the new rug.)

Jessica said...

The white layer is actually lemon jello mixed with vanilla ice cream. Not as creepy as one might think.

hey aster photography said...

Yummy!!! It's beautiful!! How perfect for fourth of July?!

Michael said...

OMG. Copper molds?!!

Jessica said...

Copper-looking actually, in reality, probably some sort of anodized aluminum.