Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market is awesome, and as the website tells us, the Best, Freshest, and Liveliest Public Market since 1893. The market is located on the bottom of the old Reading Railroad Terminal's former train shed.

Old-Timey Philadelphia always had markets, so many so that they crowded together along the old-timey main street (High Street) from the Delaware River one mile into the city! High Street was renamed Market Street. In 1859 everyone decided that open-air markets were unsanitary: the street markets were closed and two indoor markets opened. These, the Franklin and Farmer's Markets, would become the Reading Terminal Market.

Sure, you can buy produce and bread and fresh fish and just-made sausages. The Amish sell jams and milk and the most awesome sticky rolls ever. But! There are also ready-to-eat food stalls!

Hot roast pork sandwiches from DiNic's stall.

This was ridiculously good.

Outside the market building, with treats from Bassetts Ice Cream.

After the ice cream, we tooled around Chinatown and picked up some stuff for the Little Brother.


Mum said...

Yum, yum! Let's go back for those roast pork sandwiches. They are delicious.

DPLK said...

You make me drool...I love Reading Market! Although I forget what my family used to go there to buy...I just remember always walking in and taking a loop around. And Chinatown! We need to revisit the dim sum place...

Jessica said...

DPLK - I know how you love that market! I was remembering that time we went through it and everything was closed :(

When you and Michael visit - Reading Market + Chinatown = us rolling back to my house afterwards!

Mary Ann said...

Now this is my kind of day!