Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Continued Adventures of Mum's Labor Day Weekend in Philly

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens is a mosaic folk art extravaganza on South Street. Artist Isaiah Zagar spent twelve years making the Magic Gardens; excavating tunnels, sculpting walls, and installing sculptures, tiles, mirrors, bicycle wheels, and glass bottles. I had never been here before (though I'd walked by it, and by the many murals Zagar has done around South Street), but I was curious, and though Mum would get a kick out of it.

After exploring the mosaic-crazy, we headed down to Jim's Steaks, for the Philly Cheesesteak Experience. Which must involve Cheese Wiz.

This is half of Mum's. Clearly she opted for the peppers as well as the Cheese Wiz.

I did have another destination in mind for after the cheesesteaks, but since it was more eating, I made us walk all over Old City first. While walking we passed this sign, celebrating the press that printed Thomas Paine's "Common Sense." The press was no longer: the sign was next to a little parking lot.

After stoping at the Visitors' Center at Independence Hall for a new Philly map for Mum (Cordier Cat hid the first Philly map under the chair), we headed to Elfreth's Alley. The entire alley is a National Historic Landmark District. The earliest houses date to 1702, and the street has been a residential neighborhood since that time.

The houses were so little! There was one for rent and I totally wanted it to be mine!

After winding our way through the eastern half of Center City, we made it to our final destination for they day: the Franklin Fountain! A fabulously old-timey soda fountain with a sweet tin ceiling, we beat this line full of loud children and sulky college students.

After ice cream, we walked the 20-odd blocks back to my little apartment. Mum fed Cordie Cat more treats, and we got Indian take-out and relaxed our tired feet for the rest of the day!


Mum said...

I loved the Philadelphia Magic Gardens! It was a perfect day to visit with sunshine and blue skies. The mosaics sparkled in the sunshine. They were so much more beautiful than the pictures show. It's a good thing we walked many many blocks it helped to balance all the delicious foods that I enjoyed. I had such a good time, I am planning my next visit.

DPLK said...

Those townhouses are super super cute; I would totally want to live in one too! You and your mum seemed to be just one step ahead of the crowds all weekend! Looks like fun times--makes me really want to visit soon, hehe.

DPLK said...

It's talk like a pirate day! Arrr!

Mary Ann said...

A very charming and tasty excursion!