Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More from Washington, DC

The majority of the DC trip was gray and half-heartedly rainy. Fortunately, most of our time was spent inside of a museum-type building, so it didn't really matter.

This picture was like my sixth try, which is why I look kind of put out about it.

Hey Canadian Embassy! Your style is very DC, but you are light-years more friendly than the US Embassy in Ottawa. I won't be shot by Canadians lurking in the upper-story windows if I run while crossing the street, which, if you remember correctly, was my fear regarding the US Embassy.

We stayed at a funny little place in DuPont Circle... It was like an old smoking club for gentlemen. Somebody at the Nameless Institution had a connection to it, so we stayed in the guest wing.

The decor was outrageous. I got lost while attempting to leave my room for the first time and ended up in a wood paneled room with huge heavy brocade curtains, where an ancient little old man had fallen asleep on a chaise lounge, with a newspaper on his lap. It was like I wandered into some scene from Dickens.

Team Photo Conservation in front of one of the mega marble mantlepieces - me, Jennifer, Zoe, and Katie.

Here's the Team again, plus photo historian Roger and photo conservator Connie (who is peeking out way in the back, behind Zoe). This may or may not have been taken at the Nameless Institution.

The view.


Mum said...

Nice picture of the Capital with the reflection in the water. It might be a contender in the art show. It would get the patriotic vote.

Michael said...

I really like the view of the Capitol Reflecting Pool, as enjoyed from the southern balconies of the East Gallery Building.

Not that this has anything to do with your blog post!

Michael said...

I want to stay at the Cosmos Club!