Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fishtown Shadfest

This Saturday was the second annual Fishtown Shadfest. Being that Fishtown is my Philly neighborhood and that the weather was beautiful, I walked down to the Penn Treaty Park to take part in the festivities.

Fishtown in located just to the northeast of Center City. Traditionally a blue-collar neighborhood, it is now home to a number of artists and musicians. Chez Headley falls into the newbie artist category.

The name Fishtown is based upon an old-timey urban legend. The neighborhood was a center of the Delaware River shad fishing industry (this is true). When Charles Dickens visited Philadelphia in 1842, he declared that the neigborhood smelled awful and gave it the name Fishtown. This is the old-timey legend: Fishtown had received its name years before Dickens visited.


I had a good time, despite going by myself, not knowing a single person. Good people watching and dog watching. I signed up for a library card, looked at the artists' things for sale, listened to some musicians. Though about taking the fire-tipped metal pole from the fire-spinning dude (who sucked - he kept dropping it) and showing him how it was done. Lemonade and grilled shad sandwiches. Sat by the Delaware with a book, watching kids fish (don't eat them!). Got a wee bit of a sunburn.


Mum said...

It sounds like a nice way to spend a beautiful Spring afternoon. I don't know if I've every had shad. What kind of flavor does it have?

Jessica said...

The shad sammy was really good - just slightly fishy. Shad, greens, and some tasty mayo-based sauce on big flat pieces of bread. They were done by a local Fishtown place, Johnny Brenda's.

Mary Ann said...

The sandwich sounds yummy! You have knack for discovering good food!