Monday, December 21, 2009

The Biggest December Snowfall Since 1906 (Apparently)

This was the view from the third story front windows, probably around 2:00 (pm, clearly) Saturday afternoon.

Word is that this weekend's snowstorm was something like the second worst storm in the history of Philadelphia and the largest December snowfall since 1906, breaking the 1906 record of 20 inches with 23.3 inches (according to the meteorologists at the airport). It was just like being back in Canada. Philadelphia even got a shout-out in a news blurb up on the CBC website.

Around 8:00 pm, still snowing, Emily and I decided to bundle up and head out for a walk, to better enjoy the Christmas-lighted snowy neighborhood. Bret and Dustin thought we looked ridiculous, so Bret borrowed my photographing machine in order to capture our fashion for posterity. My winter boots were back in Brockway (as I did not anticipate so much snow in December), but the wellies worked great, specifically because of their height.

Outside! Emily!

A few other people were out, and we had nice little chats with them. Though they were out generally for a purpose, and not just for a pleasant excursion.

Emily and I walked down to the park at Penn's Landing, along the Delaware River, where there is a big statue of William Penn.

Nobody else had been to the park to play around in the snow at all: we made the only tracks there, as we waded through snow up to our thighs.

The Delaware River. Somebody had built a strange open-architecture wigwam along the shore. The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, all lit up, is usually visible from the park, but we could only see enough to imagine it was there. That's how hard it was snowing.


Mum said...

The snow makes your corner of Philthydelphia look lovely and clean. I bet it was great to go for a walk in the snow before it was ruined.

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Ynn said...

Told you it was going to snow!