Monday, November 2, 2009

UD Homecoming

Saturday was not only Halloween, it was the University of Delaware 2009 Homecoming. This was the first time I have returned for the celebrations, which is kind of highly appropriate now that I've graduated from UD yet again.

In all actuality, the real reason I returned for homecoming this year was to meet up with my old friends from the UDMB colorguard to laugh and have a good time and to spin with the alumni band. Lots of UDCG alumni came to spin, as we all, in a way, came for Donnie. Pictured below is actually the current band.

As in everything related to the UDMB, it started ridiculously early with rehersal in Delaware at 8:30. Afterwards we were free to frolick in the rain and tailgate with all the normal people. Alissa mixed a special cocktail in celebration of everyone coming: the Malibu Barbie. Yes, that Malibu Barbie.

It was like reliving things. We did the exact same things the band always does, but you could wear blue jeans instead of a crazy unitard and a fake ponytail, or whatever else Donnie would have dreamed up.

We even had to do that thing where we play the fight song and march beneath the stands. The whole time I kept asking everyone, "Seriously? Are we seriously going to do this? Just like we used to? Seriously?"

We had excellent seats. For band-watching, that is.

I take my camera on the field! The alumni bands performs two songs at stand-still during half-time. Remarkably, lots of people stayed for this performance.

Typically this sort of thing is a train-wreck, as you learn the work only a few hours before you have to perform it. But, surprisingly, we were pretty good (better than the actual guard, but give me a call if you want to hear about that). I stole this picture from somebody else: our flags are all crazy-patterns, but they're all together.

Some things never change. Sarver, the band director, came up to us afterwards for a good-job (you did better than the current actual guard did today), UDMB is family, Donnie would be so proud talk.

Everyone on the field after the game, those who didn't spin as well, singing 'In My Life'. The band always sings this at the end of each home football game.

We all have soggy shoes. Should have brought the wellies.

The whole alumni guard, post-performance.


Mary Ann said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Mum said...

You and your guardie buddies look just as adorable now as you did when you marched.

Ynn said...

I missed the fake pony tails and crazy costumes, but you looked as good as always!