Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A few weeks ago, before my classmate Cindy and her boyfriend arrived to spend a Philly Weekend, those at Chez Headley decided that we just couldn't stand the huge, white, nasty wainscoting in the dining room a moment longer! So we tore it off! (photos by Emily)

I display the prize we found trapped between the maybe 1940's faux green tile linoleum and the wainscoting: one Uno card. Sweet.

Then Bret tore some of the wall down, while I tore the rest of the wainscoting off. So now the dining room is larger, but uglier.

Larger, because the people who lived in Chez Headley prior to us were crazy. The wainscoting was normal wainscoting attached to two-by-fours that had been nailed into the wall. The gaps between the boards, behind the wainscoting, were filled with large chunks of foam. Like foam that electronics would be packaged with. So removing it actually made the room much more spacious.


Patty said...

omg so fun. My fireplace project was like the gateway drug to real live home improvement. One day I might actually have the home to improve...

Ynn said...

I actually remember that ugly faux tile stuff on kitchen walls. My Mom had yellow-very bright-on her walls. The product was called Congawall or something like that. I think she put it on in the 50's. But, it was as ugly then as it is now!