Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walkabout: Ottawa

After the final exams and whatnot, the Mum and I drove back to Canada, for a little Walkabout, before packing my stuff at the Canada House and heading back south. Here we are, in front of Parliament.

Tank had been sad about not being included in the visit that the Moms had made back in June, so he required some Walkabout time of his own too. And naturally, Ynn came along. It was a good opportunity for Tank to sample some Canadian beers.

And to take in the Canadian sights.

I arranged a wide variety of fun activities in Ottawa. During the months in which this sort of activity would be practical, every morning at Parliament Hill there is an elaborate changing of the guard ceremony. It involves many soldiers in those large furry hats as well as a marching band and a pipe band.

There was also a good-will RCMP ambassador at Parliament Hill. Mountie and horse.

We went to see the locks on the Rideau Canal. Of course. Tank is taking a picture of the locks from the bridge above.

And we were especially lucky in that several boats wanted to pass through while we were there, so we got to see the locks in operation!

What glee!

A visit to the Cathedral of Notre Dame was also made. I really like the ceilings and the faux-finishes in these older Canadian churches.


Lea said...

Looks like a fun walkabout. Franks seems to dig the locks.

BTW, I LOVED "My Life In France!"

Mary Ann said...

Looking at the photos of Canada brings back fond memories of the "Moms go to Canada" trip. How nice you were able to share that lovely city once again. I was quite impressed with Ottawa and rank that adventure as one of my favorites!