Friday, December 5, 2008

Toujours Frais: Timmy Ho-Hos

Yesterday Hye-Sung and I went to Kingston to visit the Art Conservation Program at Queen's University.  (Fun fact: Anne of Green Gables attended Queen's).  After our visit, on the way back to Ottawa, we stopped at a Canadian landmark.

Tim Hortons!

Ainsley (conservator at NGC) once referred to Tim Horton's as 'Timmy Ho-Hos," which is just fantastic.  The real Tim Horton was apparently a really good hockey player who opened a side business selling doughnuts and coffee.  And the Canadians really love their doughnuts, so Tim Horton's business quickly became a chain and took over the entire nation.

Hye-Sung and I were standing in line along with a bunch of flannel-shirt and work-boot wearing Canadians.  Out-loud I said, "I hope they have doughnut holes."

The Canadian in front of me turned around and said, "Timbits."

I said, "Excuse me?"

"You mean Timbits."

So, at Tim Horton's, doughnut holes are called Timbits.  Just so you know.  And you can purchase them in units of ten: observe below.  I keep screwing the name up, calling them TimmyBites


Ynn said...

I understand the mix-up in names. Lea has a special pillow for feeding the babies called a "boppy". I can never remember that, though, and usually call it a "bippy". Throwbacks to 1970's television - Rowan and Martin's Laugh where a continuing line was "You bet your bippy!" I think Richard Nixon even appeared once saying that line.

Michael said...

Mmmmmmmmm... Donuts...

Mary Ann said...

Great coffee! A friend of ours fishes in Canada and brings back Tim Horton Coffee. He has never brought back "Timbits." I will have to ask him about that.

Joe said...

hmmm, Timmybites is a rather easy mix up. Especially for us who have lived with the Timmy.

Younger awesome brother