Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow, Many Centimeters of Snow

It has been snowing for nearly 24 hours now, non-stop.  And it's supposed to keep falling until tomorrow.  The entire Ottawa River is covered in snow, as yesterday it had a sheet of ice across the surface.  This is this morning's view from the lab.  No - the wind isn't blowing existing snow around.  That's new snow falling.

Our lovely skylights!  Not so skylight-like anymore, but if you look closely, a good lesson on how glaciers can form.  Taken this morning around 9:30.

After lunch time Hye-Sung and I decided to track the snow build-up progress.  Hye-Sung checked with her larger ruler, and we were up to 20 centimeters before that chunk of snow fell off the sill.

After work, clinging to the giant spider.  And just so you know, my legs aren't really that stubby, I'm just standing in like twelve inches of snow.


Ynn said...

Love the snow! If I were there, I'd be dancing! Almost all of our snow is gone and it's absolutely pouring rain. However, it's going to change over tomorrow and my toes are twinkling-ready to dance! I take it you didn't do the snow dance.

Jessica said...

I didn't need to do the snow dance - there was so much coming all on its own!

Lots of snow still means to me, "Maybe we'll have a delay tomorrow!" and makes the day feel like a holiday.

Mary Ann said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow. I liked the photo near the giant spider.
My sister is beginning her trek to Dixville Notch, New Hampshire tomorrow. She is pretty close to the Canadian border. Having lived in Florida for 20 years, I think she is in for a real surprise!

Joe said...

I'm so glad we made this trade in snow. We are actually under 5 inches on the ground for the first time in 5 weeks and so far no new snow of measurable amounts has fallen for us. Enjoy the snowy goodness.

younger awesome brother