Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kelly Ann Visits

Old (though not in her person years) family friend Kelly Ann successfully finished university this spring, and headed back to her quiet Western PA hometown for a couple months, where she got antsy for busy times in a city.

So... I sent her a speedy email, something along the lines of, "These are the music venues in Philly.  Let me know who you want to see, and I'll procure some tickies!  Happy Graduation!"

Which is how I ended up going to see Owl City play at the Mann Center.  Note: the Mann Center is a super outdoor venue, and I need to get myself there more often next summer.  Free bus, leaving practically outside my apartment!  Permitted to picnic on the lawn during orchestra performances!  Clean friendly place!  Come visit me in the summer!

Anyway, Kelly came and we ate cheese steaks and Korean food and gelato and I walked her poor feet off, traipsing around the city, staying up really late.  I even took her to get her ear pierced by a friendly, tattooed, bearded giant-man!  It was her one thing on the to-do list, apart from the concert.

This is not from the Philly show, but gives you a good idea.  Visually, very nice.  At one point, people behind us started blowing bubbles, which drifted lazily through the air.  One kid was so into it, dancing away, he leapt on stage, dancing dancing dancing until the security guards hauled him away.  It was awesomely unexpected considering the style of Owl City.  Toward the end of the show, people started tossin around big beach balls.  I was momentarily stressed, hoping one wouldn't come near me.  Still not good with sports.

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Mary Ann said...

Great pic of Kelly's piercing. She looks so young and hardly old enough to have a piercing. Thank you for rescuing her from the doldrums of western Pa.