Monday, October 25, 2010

Visit to the Big Spicy

This summer was so absolutely miserable that, now that fall is here, all I can think about are squashes (of various sorts) and apples. Lucky for me that college-roomie Big Spicy had issued an invite for an apple-picking weekend in Albany!

Sadly, my camera batteries were dead dead dead. Missing are photos of the apple orchards, the pies (yes, plural!) that we made, the lovely turning leaves... and the possibility of unflattering snapsnots of me and the Spicy One, doing stupid stuff.

Just a few snaps that B. Spicy's dad took of us in the apple orchard. This is the oddest one, so up it goes!


Lea said...

You like squash??? Our CSA seriously overloaded us with squash. I'll see if they'll keep until Thanksgiving and we will GIFT them to you.

Glad you are having a fun fall!

Big Spicy said...

Yay for apples! And fun times!