Thursday, June 24, 2010

Philly Tourist Stuff

When everyone (parents, brother, godparents) came to Philly to help me move from Chez Headley to the Little Apartment, it was on one of the hottest weekends (so far) of the year. Chez Headley is about to undergo a massive phase of destruction, and being that my fellowship has been extended for a second year, it seemed like an optimum time for a potential move. Specifically to someplace close enough for me to walk every where I want to go. (No SEPTA wanted.)

After the move, which thankfully happened during Philly Beer Week 2010, we spent a bit of time taking in the Old City Revolutionary-Era Philadelphia Sites. Treading where Ben Franklin trod. And whatnot.

The Liberty Bell.
In the Visitors' Center where the Liberty Bell is housed, there is an exhibit detailing the history of the bell. At one point, a disembodied voice says, inspirationally, "Why are we so entranced by the Liberty Bell?" Having gazed upon it, then answer to that question is: I have no idea.

Independence Hall.

Try explaining this to a Canadian: "Ummm... well... it's a musical version of the creation of the Declaration of Independence." Supervisor Greg thought I was joking. Once he figured out that I wasn't, his response was, "Only in America."

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Lea said...

It is nearing time for our annual viewing of "1776." Michael has been warming up with a few tunes while bathing the kids.