Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Groundhog Day!

Tuesday of last week was Groundhog Day. A very important day, especially since I grew up in a little town near Punxsutawney, and often use Punxsy as a landmark to illustrate that I'm from the middle of nowhere, Western Pennsylvania. (It's quite effective).

Groundhog Day means more than just knowing whether or not spring will arrive early. It means Groundhog Cookies. No actual groundhogs are used in the making of these cookies. Do you hear that PETA? Besides, the groundhogs in Punxsy have a awesome life.

On February 1st, Supervisor Mary said something along the lines of, "Oh, tomorrow is Groundhog Day. We should do something special for it."

I said, "Don't worry Mary. I've already got the Groundhog Cookies made."

This lead into a zillion questions about Phil; where he lives, about the secret Groundhog Society, if he is lonely (no, he has Philamina and Barney, along with other unnamed groundhogs), about Punxsy in general, how do I know these things, etc.

Anyway, the big day arrives and I bring the cookies in to work. I made a ton on the Sunday before Groundhog Day: all three cookie cutters were used. They are a huge hit: I have a zillion requests for the recipe. Everyone adores the shapes. Apparently no cookie has had so much approval ever before in the entire history of the Centre.

Everyone kept asking: Where do you get groundhog cookie cutters? To which my response was: from your Mum for Christmas, and she got them in Punxsy.

No cookies made it home from the Centre, so I had to make some more this weekend. Because I love them so. Thanks for the cookie cutters Mum!


Mum said...

You are welcome! I'm glad the groundhog cookies were such a hit at the Center. They are yummy and yours look perfect.

Ynn said...

Everyone loves groundhog cookies! Frank and I made 10 dozen so we could share. I think I must make a pilgrimage though and get another cookie cutter. I've worn out 2!

Mary Ann said...

I make groundhog cookies too! Your mom gave me the recipe and the cookie cutter. I used to make them for the kids at school, but now I make them for me!

DPLK said...

Groundhog cookies! I don't remember you mentioning such a phenomenon before...

Those cookie cutters are spectacular, though, and I like your usage of a raisin for the eye--the oblong beadiness is perfectly represented!

How come the medium sized cookie cutter shape has a much bigger tail/butt? It seems out of proportion. =P

Did you see my homemade Nutella? I wanted to call you the minute I made it, but I decided that eating nutella while talking to you on the phone about it without being able to share some was a bit cruel. Mmm...maybe you should frost next year's groundhog cookies with nutella...it could be like fur?!