Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Longwood: Gardens

The conservatories are only a small part of the whole Longwood Garden Experience.  There are loads of outdoor gardens as well.

This massive fountain garden is directly across and down from the conservatories.  Longwood has weekend summertime fireworks and fountains shows, and I assume that they must happen here.
Walking down alongside the large fountain garden.  I'm a shade-walker, and will gladly walk extra in order to remain in the shade.
Peering out at the sunny fountains.

A bell tower, with a carillon (bells).  It plays every so often throughout the day, and occasionally carillonneurs will come and give concerts.

Up the stairs to the bells, looking down.
Rose garden.  Where my camera decided to die (batteries), and I kept commandeering Mum's.

Me and Auntie Rita.
Out towards the Italian water gardens.  There are very interesting light-installations that an artist has put in, as part of a summertime installation, all within this area.  Unfortunately, it was not dark when we were there, and the installation was not finished.  But it should be really cool when it's up.

For instance, those 'lily pads' are actually giant reflectors floating on the pond.
I really like these.  Blue poppies or whatever they are.

Tree house self-portrait!  I want to live in a tree house always!
The Italian water gardens are sunken, and access is limited.  Understandably, since all of the fountains are timed and you don't want children (or others) running in them and wreaking everything.

From another angle.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Longwood: Greenhouses

It's SAT analogies time.  So the Winterthur du Ponts were obsessed with decorative arts, and filled the house with so much stuff that, by the end, they removed all of the kitchens, servants quarters, and bathrooms to fit in chairs and tablewear.

What Winterthur is to American decorative arts, Longwood is to -what-?
        a. gunpowder 
        b. chemistry
        c. gardens
        d. brick sidewalks

C. Gardens.  
Mum and Aunt Rita inside one of the giant Longwood conservatories.

There were some very cool glass art installations scattered throughout.

I had only been to Longwood once before, during my junior year of college, in November to see the chrysanthemum festival flowers.  (The things in the conservatory rotate seasonally.)  It was a program for folks in our dorm that Liang had set up.  

The conservatories are all connected, and set up to be different types of gardens.  This is from the silver garden, with lots of desert plants.
Orchids from the orchid room.

Mediterranean garden.

Tropical garden - huuuge glass ceilings, very warm.

We hung out by a large water feature for a while, planning where to go next.